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Hi all hoping I can find a solution on these boards.

A couple of months ago, I purchased a new monitor to replace my 19” crt. I bought a 22” LG LCD (l226wtq).
My system specs:
p5w dh deluxe mainboard
inter core 2 quad q6600 processor
4 gigs cas5 ddr2 RAM
ATI x1950 pro video card
500 watt dynex power supply

Since I purchased this monitor, I’ve gone from a vga cables to a digital cable from monitor to video card. Other than that, there have been no hardware changes at all.
I’ve started to get random “Digital Power Saving Mode” screens when I’m gaming sometimes, which signify a system crash. I’m forced to reboot, and sometimes when it logs back into windows the message pops back up and I have to do a hard boot to get things back to normal.

It only seems to happen when I’m gaming, and it’s very random.

Any insight would be appreciated.
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  1. My guess would be the power supply is the problem. It probably is not capable of providing stable power since it is basically a BestBuy "no namebrand".

    I would suggest you purchase something of higher quality. Generally a good 500w PSU is more than enough to power your system. The most power hungry component is your Q6600 which probably uses about 95w or slight less than 8 amps. The next most power hungry component is your X1950 Pro which uses about 66w or 5.5 amps (assuming no overclocks). Assuming a single DVD burner, 2 hard drives and a couple of fans total power draw shouldn't be more than around 230w on the 12v rail, or 19.2 amps.

    The mobo, PCI cards, RAM and some other components draw power from the 3.3v/5v rails. Relatively little power draw compared to the 12v rails.

    The Corsair 450VX (450w) will be able to provide more than enough power for your current system. It can provide a max of 396w or 33 amps. It's also made by Seasonic a very well know PSU manufacture with a reputation for quality, reliability and silence.

    CORSAIR CMPSU-450VX ATX12V V2.2 450W Power Supply
  2. I assumed it to be a power supply problem but was hoping I wouldn't have to purchase a new one. I assumed that in order to be called a 500watt PS, the power supply had to meet some kind of standard.

    I guess I'll purchase a new one this weekend, thanks.
  3. Try updating your BIOS, i too used to have crashes when playing 3D games but upgrading the BIOS helped out :)
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