Warning event 52 (predicted HD failure) after repeated event 59


My Notebook (a HP Pavillion dv5000) has been giving me problems for the past 3 months. Problems seems to be with the virtual memory; it runs very slow and rebooting may take forever. I have recovered my PC 4 times during this time using the PC recovery system that comes with the notebook. After recovering, the PC works fine, kind slow, but OK. Two three weeks of "my normal use" and goes bad again.

Yesterday I checked for the first time the event viewer and I noticed it is warning me, often now, of the event 52 (predicted hard disk failure) usually after it has registered some events 59 (Microsoft VC80.CRT assamble is not detected or other times says Generate Archive Context Error for C:\ARCHIV~1\ARCHIV~1\MICROS~1\SMART~1\MOFL.DLL).

I have run some disk tests to check the health of my hard disk and it comes alright ... but the driver is predicting a hard disk failure, so I am puzzled.

I know some folks will say just get another hard disk, but I just wonder here if the root of this problem is the not detection of the Microsoft VC80.CRT assamblage and all can be solved by correcting this problem (?).

Ok, I can try, now how I go and test this, what is the function of this Microsoft VC80.CRT assamblage or the MOFL.DLL? what's the relation?

Thanks a lot for any suggestions and help !

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  1. The Assembly not detected message usualy means something hasn't been installed correctly or has been damaged after instalation, VC80.CRT is part of the Visual Studio run-time deployment; MOFL.DLL is part of MS Office 2003.

    Putting the two together, I'd suspect that either you have opened a malicious document which has attempted to install something nasty, or you have a hacked version of Office 2003.

    Try removing and re-installing Office, also run a full up-to-date virus/spyware scan.
  2. Hello MrLinux,

    Thank you for your feedback. Very likely is that (yes, I do have a unofficial copy of the Office 2003). I have updated the BIOS, ran the self-test, and re-installed the power management just to eliminate the possibility of the overheating causing damage to the HD. Speedfan still is reporting values of 47-48 C continuosly, which seems too hot for proper operation, but probably is OK for this model since I have had this notebook for three years now under same conditions.

    I have up-to-date Macafee installed in this notebook and is programmed to run twice a week; so hopefully it's not bugged. If I re-install the same Office 2003 copy (or any other hacked copy of Office), is it likely that my problem continue?

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