how much watts does the stock Q6600 fan/heatsink use??

how much watts does the q6600 stock heatsink use?? i want to use a zalman 9500a and want to know how many extra wattage ill be using.
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  1. how much does the zalman consume, HSF's do not use much power at all, I'd suggest less than 10W and would not be surprised at less than 5W.

    why do you want to know?
  2. The difference between Zalman 9500 and stock HSF should be negligible. Afterall the biggest difference is at the heatsink itself, not the fan.
  3. An average 92mm 2500rpm uses 0.1-0.2A so 1-2W.
    A stock Intel fan is about 92mm and is rated at 0.2A. So around 2.5W.
    There should be no difference.
  4. Go Q9300. Much cooler. OC better.
  5. With the stock cooler neither runs cool.
    Under Prime95 the Q9300 with a stock cooler hits 70°C just like the Q6600.
    The Q9300s 7.5x multiplier limits you to 3.6GHz (7.5x480MHz) if you're very lucky. If you're not it hits the FSB wall before that.
    With a good cooler the Q6600 can go just as high.
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