Windows - Delayed Write Failed

Can anyone give me a EASY guide to solve this problem - "Windows - Delayed Write Failed"? I've been trying to solve this problem for quite some time.

My Computer|Properties|Hardware|Device Manager|Select the Disk Drive|Properties| Polices}Uncheck the box against 'Enable write caching on the disk'|Ok

this steps doesn't work for me..

Please help me........!!!!!
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  1. Sorry, can't really help but I got same error message couple of times when my external usb HDD was connected to the front usb ports of my case, it messed up the drive (corrupted files in transfer, couldn't delete them either, waste of space). Formatted the drive and have been using the ports on the back of the mobo ever since. They use different controller I believe (on my mobo at least) and so far haven't have any problems.
  2. I wanted to format but.. TOO MANY MOVIE AND ANIME ARE INSIDE!!! T_T
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