Setting up my HTPC

Good evening folks.

I'm now ready to start converting my gaming pc to a HTPC.

Current Specs

8800GT Nvidia
250 GB just for the OS (I will be getting 1.5 TB running RAID 0 )
Vista Ultimate x64
Intel q6600

Sound system:

Logitech Z-5500

22 in Samsung LCD
40 in Samsung LCD (already hooked up to pc and works great

I pretty much have the HTPC ready, I'm now looking into recording tv.

I have a cable box that was provided by my cable company that allows me to view HD channels.

I heard there is a way to hook up the cable box to the pc and use it normally.

Questions about that:

Would I be able to record HD channels?

Can I navigate through the cable box menus/options?

Can I record On Demand (comcast) content?

What kind of HD tv tuner card do I need?

Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advanced!
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  1. Here is a resource you should look at:

    Also, do some research on "clear QAM". Not every cable service provider is the same so you will need to research your particular provider. Most likely, you will need to invest in an "IR blaster" so your PC can control your cable box.

    It isn't very easy or straight forward to get HD programing to an HTPC from a cable or satellite service. Almost every situation is unique.
  2. Look into QAM, if your provider allows it and you have the proper card tuner set-up, you won't even need to worry about having the cable box.

    You may not need a IR blaster if your cable box has a remote-in connection (looks like stereo mini-plug). Have you goggled your exact cable box to see if others have discussed HTPC connections?
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