Catalyst Control Center after 8.4 update

I have an Asus 3870 and everything worked fine with the drivers included on the cd packaged with the card.

I downloaded 8.4 drivers and, after uninstalling the previous drivers, i installed the new drivers.

After rebooting with 8.4 i got a message from Windows telling me that Catalyst Control Center had encountered a problem and needed to close....this happens everytime I start Windows now.

I uninstalled 8.4 and reinstalled the Asus cd drivers again and found that the problem with CCC remained.....when previously it had been fine with these drivers.

So now I have 8.4 installed again and the CCC problem persists.....BUT, my computer has seen a performance benefit from the new drivers in Crysis, Gears of War and 3dMark06 (extra 300 points).

The only problem i have is the message at startup informing me that CCC needs to close.

Is the Catalyst Control Center program important for anything.....?
What functionality do i lose from not being able to use this program?

Any ideas why this program is now doing this?

My system specs for those who want to know.....

E8200 @ 3.2
Asus 3870
250 GB
2GB Corsair xms2 Ram
Asus P5k-SE
Windows XP Pro SP3
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  1. format c:

    i had the same problem. i couldnt get it to go away. using uninstall, registry cleaner, driver cleaner, etc. i basically went from 8.2-8.3->8.2(had the CCC prob like u)->8.1(still had the prob)->8.2(still had prob)->format c:->8.2 (works!)->8.4(works even better)!
  2. I have had the same problem try uninstalling drivers and in SAFE MODE use a driver cleaner then reinstall i had best luck with cat 8.1 and 8.4!. Also i have heard and seen problems with SP3. good luck lett us know what happens
  3. I had to reinstall .net framwork to fix that problem when I had it.
  4. Yea .netfram was with my drivers
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