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I'm just going to make this a quick question without all the specs. If a answer requires more info, just let me know and I'll post everything.

Was running a Prime95 test- small fft's. This is on a Q6600 OC'ed at 400*8 for 3.2 GHs. Voltage is 1.325v

Idle temps were 42c on case and 31-28-23-28c on cores.

Temps on load got up to 49-47-43-44 on cores but the CPU temp jumped up to 136c in Speed Fan and 109c in HWMonitor. 45minutes after I stopped test the temp in Speedfan and HWMonitor go down to 40c then rigth back up to their high readings then down to 32c then back up. Core temps are staying at their normal idle temp.

About an hr. after I stopped test I did a restart on computer. SpeedFan still shows a high temp of 65c and HWMonitor shows it down to normal at 38/42c.

What would cause the core temps to be fine and case temp to be so high and then fluctuate up and down ?

Thanks for any info you can give
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  1. Use multiple temp programs. Core Temp 0.99.3 and Real Temp 2.7. This way you can identify if it is a real heat problem or a bad reading by speedfan.
  2. It's reading the wrong sensor.
  3. flyin15sec said:
    Use multiple temp programs. Core Temp 0.99.3 and Real Temp 2.7. This way you can identify if it is a real heat problem or a bad reading by speedfan.

    I was using all these programs at the time but Speedfan and HWMonitor are the only 2 that give you a reading on the CPU.

    I agree with you Random. For whatever reason I don't think any of them were getting a good reading off the CPU. I have a feeling it might have been a low voltage thing or the fact I had FSB set to 400. The reason I say that is after I posted this question, I went back into Bios and set FSB to 356*9 instead of the 400*8- put voltage on Auto. Reran Prime95 overnight and as of this moring after 13 hrs; the highest temp CPU got was 54c. Voltage on CPU-Z showed 1.43v which I think is A little high for a 3.2 OC, but still within reason.

    The 356*9 gives a 14xx FSB and I was trying to get a full 1600 with the 400*8; but if it's still running ok when I get home this afternoon- I think I'll just leave it there. Not for sure I would notice the difference anyways.

    Thanks again for the input guys
  4. Your CPU would have burned up well before 136c...
  5. UPDATE:

    After I set FSB to 356*9 and I ran Prime95 for 22hrs. no errors, the CPU's highest temp was 55c. So for curiosity reasons I went back into Bios and reset it to 400*8 and left voltage on auto this time.
    About 15 minutes into Prime , the temp on the CPU went up to 119c. The temps on the cores themselves stay normal in both instances- highest temps on them were 52-51-49-49.

    That makes no sense at all to me, or am I missing something. Would the difference between 400*8 and 356*9 cause the CPU to heat up more. Would the ram times 4-4-4-12 at 356*9 be causing the problem at 400*8. Never thought to relax the timings to see if that made a difference.

    I think I have a nice OC at the 356*9 so I'm gonna leave it there, but I sure am curious about the CPU temp changes.

    Thanks everyone
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