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Am confused whether to go with the nvidia 9600gt or 8600gt or gts,
I gave a core2duo @ 2 ghz, 2 gig ram, 945 chipset, a 400w PSU, but only a 4x pci-e slot,any help appreciated, would the 9600gt be bottle necked by the 4X pci-e slot, am also concerned with the power usage of the 9600 gt.
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  1. About 30% performance hit. So the better the card, the higher performance hit in numbers.
    I'd rather say buy a new mobo then decide on gpu. 9600gt is among lowest power consuming cards out there and would work on almost all psu's (12v/15a) >300w .
  2. What motherboard do you have that supports a core 2 duo processor, and has only a 4x PCIe slot, are you sure about that?
  3. I have an ASUS p5gz-mx mobo
  4. The problem is that I just bought the pc so I cant think of changing the mother board, it has an i945gz controller, I heard a lot that the 8600gt is not the quite performer in many forums but looking on my board (4x Pci-e)
    will it be quite good.
  5. Just curious what Brand PC that is...

    Is it this mobo?
    Just wondering.
  6. IT'S an assembled PC, yes jay2tall that is my board.
  7. What cpu do you have? You motherboard only supports 800MHz FSB.

    You have 0 upgrade options.

    I would send it back and get something with 1333FSB and atleast 1 PCIe slot.

    Your not going to beable to get much performance from this system period.

    Its a great Office, Email, Internet machine, but forget about gaming in todays standards.
  8. yeah you should probably just get a new Mobo, I mean you can install a graphics card but you are going to really cripple it with that x4 slot.
  9. i have a c2d e6300 overclocked to 2 ghz, i can play hl2, nfs mostwanted, serious sam 2, battlefield 2, and even FEARetc at 30+ fps without a gpu, its nearly been a year with this machine, i dont have the budget for the new mobo, have the budget only for a decent gpu, any suggestions , am running vista ultimate on the PC, just want the gpu for occasional gaming, mostly for better Images and videos.

    Would any gpu, even the geforce 7 series or entry level geforce 8 series be useless ?
  10. vicky797 said:

    Would any gpu, even the geforce 7 series or entry level geforce 8 series be useless ?

    I would not say anything would be useless, but you are limiting the bandwidth of the Graphics card to the rest of the system. Maybe a 8800GS would work for you. I just wouldn't dump a lot into a graphics card that is going to run on a x4 bus. the 9600GT might be the most I'd go. Then maybe next budget for a new mobo. you can get one for like $60+ or so that would work fine. Maybe get the 8800GS and use the extra $ for a mobo

    $100 after rebate: ???????
  11. Thanks for your inputs guys really appreciate it, am going to invest in a new board, and latter a gpu.
  12. I'd do the reverse. Get the GPU now and get the mobo later. You can at least get a little benefit from the GPU now and later open it up with a better mobo.
  13. Thanks for the reply, will do the same, going for a 9600 gt(good choice right ?) for now.
  14. Great choice, good card, good price...and good luck
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