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I am installing XP pro Black on a friends computer. I have used this same cd on 4 other computers and it worked perfect. The Cd is in mint shape-no scratches etc. I go through the format and copy files part fine, then after it reboots and goes into windows it starts to decompress a few folders, then it goes to checking for devices, keyboards, etc then it goes to installing network configuration, and here is the prob, once it gets done with the networking config, it reboots then goes to a screen that says setup will be restarted and just repeats the process from looking for devices, and so on...
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  1. The system is a P4 2.4 ghz
    60 gb hdd
    512 mb ram
    It is a Compaq Presario S3040SE
  2. You have proper XP licences and Product Keys for these installs?
  3. This is a Black edition, unattended version, no key or registration required.
  4. I see. You're asking for help in installing pirated software. No deal.
  5. Discussion and support for pirated software is not allowed. Locking thread.

    mountainman77, please be aware that discussion of pirated software can result in you being banned from this forum.
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