New PC not connecting to existing network.

I just completed my first DIY PC Build. No issues! Almost.

I have an already existing network consisting of a Linksys Cable Modem and Linksys Wireless Router (802.11G)

When connecting my new build to the router or cable modem my new PC does not recognize that I am coneected in anyway.

Do I need to install the program CD's for the Cable Modem and Router that Linksys provided? I am guessing yes but I just want confirmation.
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  1. I got myself into a similar problem once. Even worse, I had it working and then re-installed Windows and it quit! What I failed to realize was that I needed to install the device drivers for the mobo - they all came on a CD with the mobo. Among other devices without drivers were the on-board network port drivers. Have you installed your mobo's drivers from its disk? Do this before trying to install software that came with the modem and router.
  2. I tried to but after the first Rebbot of 3 required the PC loaded up to the DOS screen and gave me three options to choose from a, b or c. A and B were to create a 32bit or 64 bit floppy disk. C was to skip and go to the "C:" DOS screen. I don't have a floppy drive on my new machine. I didn't think I would ever need one. And I didn't know how to get from MSDOS Command back into windows to continue the process. If that's even possible. So I just restarted the PC, "Deleted" into the BIOS and reset back to factory settings so that whatever was installed from the disk prior to reboot 1 was turned off so I could get back up and running. I figured the Mobo Support DVD was optional. If it isn't then I better get over the Mobo forum for help.

    I have not installed any device drivers for the Mobo.


    If anyone else has a comment feel free to give me any insight.
  3. You need to install the Device Drivers from Windows, not boot from the CD.

  4. How do I install Device Drivers if I cannot connect to the Internet?
  5. Insert the Mobo Drivers CD into the drive.

  6. Thanks Grumpy9117, It's up and running perfectly now.
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