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I should go ahead and mention that I am not attempting to overclock at the moment. I just need some advice.

First of all, I've noticed with some of the programs included with the asus p6t mobo that my CPU fan speeds are constantly around 2,000 rpm. My idle temps are usually around 39 degrees. Sometimes, I get temps close to 46. Is this about right? Anyway, I was wondering is 2,000 rpm constantly normal? I have searched and searched for the maximum fan speed on the core i7 stock HSF and can't find any information. Does any of you know? I am thinking about getting another one, but can anyone give me advice on a good one to get?
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  1. If you have the stock hsf plugged into a 4pin pwm on your mobo, then it will regulate speed via the bios temperature. 2k rpm sounds normal for a stock hsf. Your temperatures sound good for stock speed/stock hsf.

    As for a new one, I would suggest the TRUE(Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme). It's one of the best coolers, not crazy expensive and looks cool if you have a windowed case.

    The only problem is most after market heatsinks have a back plate that you have to put on the mobo before you install the mobo into your case, which will require you to remove your mobo. I would say most people are getting atleast 3.6-3.8 with this heatsink and I've seen quite a few people hitting 4.0Ghz easily, with the max being 4.5 that I've seen on air with this cooler.

    Here's a link in case you want to check it out-

    They are sold out atm, could also check
  2. I have an antec nine hundred. Would that fit inside of that case? I don't have a side fan.

    Other than that, that HSF looks awesome. Is it possible to orient it in an North-South direction so the fan can blow towards my top exhaust fan? It looks like I will have to re organize some wires and things in the case because my corsair 750 left me with a lot of unused wires in my set-up.
  3. NOT CRAZY EXPENSIVE???? it is compared to similar performing (1C better or worse) coolers such as the xigmatek HDT-S1283 and the Sunbeamtech Core Contact Freezer...

    and then you have to add on the cost of fans for the TRUE as well, and time/experience for lapping the base.

    all up, the CCF is the winner. cheap, high performing (outperforming in some cases) and all set up ready to go.
  4. Except that the Xigmatek and the Sunbeam don't fit the I7.
  5. I have the TRUE for my i7 920 and P6T Deluxe board and its great. I am currently at 3.8 (19*200) and have temps of 34c at idle and 64-68 and full load when testing with Prime95 and OCCT. I bought it from FrozenCPU and am using the stock fan that came with it and my speeds are at a constant 1455RPM.

    Here is the one I have.

    I have also heard good things about the Noctua , but I have never used it.
  6. lol i stand corrected... teach me to read the OP more carefully.

    +1 for the TRUE :P
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