Looking for Quiet Case - Suggestions appreciated!

Hi Guys

I'm looking to build a PC from www.alternate.es and am stuck on which case to go with. Most reviews and recommendations I see here are for Antec, which arent stocked by the website I'm buying from.

The reason I want to buy from this website is that they assemble and test build for you for 50 euro extra - which for me makes good sense.

Cases listed are here: http://www.alternate.es/html/build [...] ass=pccase

If you have any recommendations on any of the cases listed here I'd be really gratful.

I'd have the case in the front room, so dont want anything to flashy. Size isnt a major consideration, but the case i was looking at, the CM cosmo 1000, does look huge and may look out of place.

Silence is my main goal - i dont want to go crazy on price, but if i thought it was worth extra i would pay it. Rest of my build is in New Build forum, i will update with a link later.

EDIT: http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/forum/251132-13-customised-budget-1250-euro-approx-advice-appreciated

any suggestions or comments based on whats available would be really appreciated.


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  1. Having had a look at some of the reviews on newegg and other sites i've come up with a shortlist of:

    CM Mystique 632S
    Lan Li PC-A05B
    Lan Li PCA17A

    Ditched idea of Cosmos as read it got very hot and airflow wasn't great. Not sure if anyone could verify this.

    If you have had 1st hand experience of any of the above cases i'd really appreciate some feedback.

    Many thanks

  2. Id go with the Lian Li's, Silverstone TJ07, Thermaltake Armour or if you want cheaper the Centurion is a good case
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