Whats a good FSB voltage for a big OC?

My Specs:
Quad Core Q9550 OCed @ 3.83GHz
XFX GTX 260 core 216 Black Edition (712 core / 1215 mem)
4GB Corssair XMS2 DDR2 800 (4-4-4-12) 2.1 volts
EVGA 780i Mobo
700w OCZ GamerXStream PSU
320GB Hard drive 16MB cache 7200RPM
Sound Blaster Audigy SE
Windows XP

So after doing the overclock on my CPU I have left the voltages on auto. The CPU has automatically increased to about 1.35v and the FSB to 1.3v. The computer seems stable while playing, but I am having boot up issues. The computer sits with a black screen for about 45 seconds before it will post. Then I get a safe mode warning. This does this regardless if overclocked or not. Even on default settings still. I have cleared the Cmos, updated bios, you name it. So I am wondering if its a FSB issue. The error code on the board for the 780i is 21 which is a power management error. I got a new PSU and still the same thing. Got new Ram, GPU, even switched out my mobo 3 times.
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  1. Do you happen to have a western digital hard drive, because after post if you have the jumper in then it will take awhile to boot up, it will just sit there for a good 20 seconds. Its because if your HDD is the master with a slave you don't need the jumper in, not sure if any other HDD manufacturer is like that, but WD is.
  2. Thanks. Problem has been fixed, but thats good to know for the future.
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