Win7 wont recognize 2nd hard drive

Hi all! I just installed Win7 and I formatted my main hard drive. It will not show my second hard drive in my computer but its definately there still according to device manager with my partition name. It was a clean install from Vista 64 Ultimate. Any ideas what is going on, or is the Win7 beta limiting only to 1 hard drive?
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  1. NEVERMIND!! I FIGURED IT OUT!! If anyone else has this problem follow these steps:

    Go to Control Panel, Admin Tools, Computer Management, Storage, Disk Management, Right Click Drive, Change Drive Letter and Paths, Add, Then assign the drive letter you want to show it up as.

    I guess Win7 didn't or forgot to assign a drive letter to it. Kinda odd. Maybe its a bug they didn't fix up yet, who knows.
  2. Hey man I have been looking all over the interwebs and your the first one to solve my problem I recently upgraded my vista computer to Windows 7 and my sony blu ray drive was not being recognized by the OS at all but then I tried your method and it worked :D finally Thanks man thanks alot I can now enjoy my Blu rays again :bounce:
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