9800Gx2 editions different?

Hi, i was thinking for my new computer(Q9450, EVGA 780i,4gb 1066 G.SKILL) to get a 9800Gx2 from EVGA. Is there an difference in performance with the superclocked, ko, or SSC editions of the graphic? Please help me!!
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  1. probably just clock speeds, some will be overclocked, some wont, and they might have different warranties and/or software that comes iwth them
  2. As a tip...
    I'd go with an x38 board vs. the 780i...
    nvidia chipsets... :s... tried all of them... including the p35/x38/680i/780i ... with 65nm and 45nm configurations. no 790i's here yet... but read that they are having issues already.
    If you know you will stick with 1 gx2... and i hope you would...since quad sli is the biggest waste of money...
    Just go with the x38 ( asus or abit quad gt) .... i prefer abit nowadays... have always had plenty of problems with any asus build... heard the striker extremes are good... but thats too much money for my blood.

    Anyway... the x38 will give better memory performance vs the 780i... and will be more stable with that 45 nm q9450

    the system will also be a little louder with that gx2... and the 780i is a louder board than the x38 intel variants.

    In my opinion... the gx2 is great for those who want stability with an intel chipset and the performance of an sli graphics solution.

    With the 780i... the performance of the gx2 will be lower than 2 8800gts's in sli on that board. And the 2 gts's will be cheaper.

    nvidia for graphics and graphics only.

    Plus if u r thinking of going raid ... the raid controller on the nvidia is outperformed/less stable than the intel south bridge.

    the nvidia 780i's sata controllers have a known issue with xp also. Where it only works sata correctly if you use generic windows drivers sata controller.

    They just released some new chipset drivers however...so maybe they solved that.

    AND DONT EVEN TRY TO RUN 4 sticks of high speed ram on the 780i if you're lookin for stability.
    Itll just hurt your soul everyday
  3. I have a 780i board and Everything is fine. I also have a 9800 GX2 and I overclocked it to 9800 GTX clock speeds.
  4. I dont know whyt Redbadge is doggin on the 780i so bad. I have it with 4x 2gb 800mhz ram (overclocked 1066) and 2x 8800GT, no issues at all under XP or Vista 64 ultimate. The RAID controller under XP works just fine.

    But to get back to the ORIGIN of this thread, the different between superclocked, ko, and ssc are clockspeeds. You can pay a little more to have the factory overclock the card higher for you.
  5. the question was already answered.

    i gave a tip based on experience.

    Let it not be that im dogging the board... as nvidia solved that issue that is documented online with the SATA driver/ windows xp.

    The 780i is not a bad board... however... it is louder... and memory performance is noticeably better with an intel x38 chipset.
    With the gx2 it already is a loudER system... the 780i is louder/needs more power/produces more heat.

    The gx2 is louder than dual 8800gt's or 8800gts's.

    Also id feel alot more comfortable with the x38 chipset and a 45nm QUAD CORE processor than with the 780i chipset.

    you all have q6600's.

    The x38's architecture seems almost identical to the x48's. Many question the differences.... x48 is 1600mhz FSB rated from the factory, 780i is not. Which is ideal for a 45nm Q9450 overclock.

    Lets not forget that an x38 is cheaper. (while having ALL solid state capacitors vs. the 780i which does not.)

    Engineering wise... the x38 features an onboard reset/power button. They are very easily accessible and are much easier than a cmos reset jumper.
    And lets ALSO not forget that it also has an external CMOS reset button... easily accessible under the ps2 mouse ports at the back.

    Im not even sure if the 790i has these features.

    These additions are excellent for overclocking.
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