Disabling onboard video on a P965-S?

I just booted up my new system for the first time and I cannot get my 8800GTS recognized by my system? If I go to device manager all that shows up is "Standard VGA Graphics Adapter". Everyone keeps saying check your mobo manual but I don't see anything regarding disabling onboard video in there??? I'll try to just download the drivers anyway even though I cannot find the card on my PC anywhere. Am I missing something?
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  1. Not sure how you got into Windows if you "...booted up my new system for the first time...". You need to do a fresh install of Windows for a new MB, not just use a hard drive from a previous system.
    If I got something wrong, please give details on how the system came to be, and what exactly you mean by "...cannot get my 8800GTS recognized by my system". Also, if you're talking about an Infinity P965-S motherboard, that doesn't seem to even have integrated video.
  2. when booting machine enter the system Bios, you can disable the onboard Vid in there...
    Also make sure you have the monitor hooked upto the GTS not onboard VGA

    Once back in Windows goto the Nvidia website and get the latest greatest drivers for your card.
  3. grieve, his MB doesn't HAVE onboard video!
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