HELP Blue Monitor Virus?

Hi all. Just discovered a problem and might have already made it worse.
I gtot home today my monitor was displaying everytrhing in blue! I could see my desktop but everything was blue. I rebooted and checked my video card and it booted in blue including the bios info and mobo logo screen.

I googled around and decided to download smitfraudfix.exe. It said to boot in safe mode, but I was having trouble getting it to boot in safe mode and decided to run the fix in regular mode. That didn,t help. I then used msconfig and set it to boot to safe made and restarted again. It booted and the monitor was getting a signal but the screen was black.

Now my monitor is not getting a signal at all.

I'm running xp sp2 on and amd 4000+ 2gb ddr ram and an msi mobo.

Any advice greatly appreciated.
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  1. The part of your sentence where you said "... it booted in blue including the bios info ..." would indicate some type of hardware problem. When the system is undergoing its BIOS power on self test the operating system has not even begun to load.

    I would troubleshoot the monitor and graphics card first.

    If you have another monitor that you can try out, do that first. If everything still looks blue with a different monitor then the problem shouldn't be the original monitor so you would then look at the graphics card or for a defective video cable.
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    If the monitor cable isn't secure, it can cause tint changes. Make sure the cable hasn't come loose.

    Since you're not getting any signal, try tapping f8 repeatedly on startup. That should bring you to the advanced boot menu. Try starting in safe mode. Then you can undo the changes made to msconfig.
  3. Problem solved. I managed to get it into safe mode and run ad aware and avg, reseat my gpu and voila!

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  5. Good to hear, thanks for the update!
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