rivatuner (2.08) erased video card info?

Ok, so I'm trying to overclock my new 9800gtx, and when I went into rivatuner it asked me to reboot to detect the clock speeds. I figured "what the hell," so I let it reboot, but since then (even after rebooting again), it seems my system can't detect anything about my card. It sees it there, it calls it a 9800gtx with 512 mb vram, but it says the clocks are 0 for everything, has 0 stream procs, etc. I tried reinstalling rivatuner, to no avail. Other overclocking utilities now all see 0 mhz as well, and are unable to change them. Do i need to reinstall the video drivers or something?
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  1. What drivers are you using?
  2. 174.74
  3. ChefOfDeath said:

    If I remember correctly, that's the beta driver, so it may have weird problems. Betas are called betas for a reason.
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