Running 2x 3870 crossfire, now pc is freezing up

Hi all, installed 2 Sapphire ATI 3870 512mb last week, getting better results then w/ my 2 x1950pros, but am experiencing game play freezing when playing COD4, all newest drivers, any one had this issue?
Also... anyone running a rig similuar to mine? if so what kind of 3dmark06 marks are you getting?
OS: Win XP Pro SP2 64 Bit
Board: MSI K9A Platinum Crossfire ATI 3200 Chipset
RAM: 4GIG Patriot Extreme DDR2 800MHz
CPU: AMD Athlon 6400+ 64x2 3.2 GHz
Hard drives: (2) WD Caviar 250 GB
Graphics cards: (2) 3870 512mb “Sapphire” Running Crossfire
PSU: Antec TruePower Quattro 850 watt
Burners: (2) Sony/Nec 7170A
Chassis Gigabyte 3D Aurora Tower
Sound Card: Creative labs X-Fi SoundBlaster Xtreme Gamer
Keyboard: Saitek Eclipse
Mouse: Logitek Mx518
SENNHEISER PC161 3.5mm Connector Circumaural Headset
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  1. try installing DX9?
  2. no but I will, seems kind of obvious, thanks,
  3. I found th cause, they appear to be getting too hot during game play, I am not sure of the temp that they reach because I have to reset/ restart my pc, this I do know, yesterday I took an 8" fan and opened the side of my GigaByte tower and ran the fan on High blowing on both cards, I played 3 rounds of COD4 with no issues, they did still get a little warn running "aroundish" 55c,... friends I have to say I am a little p*ssed-off. Prior to this I had 2 X1950pros running crossfire and never had a heat issue, my tower is an Aluminum GigaByte w/ 3 120mm fans and should do the job nicely but not w/ theses cards, ANY ADVICE?
  4. hey did some research, found this it appears this is not uncommon for these cards, looking into getting this from newegg, looks like it might fit on Sapphire 3870, any thots?
  5. after dinking w/ these cards all weekend all the reviews, possibly having to spend$ to buy aftermrkt card fans, I may just RMA these 2 and get the 1gig 3870x2, I can run one of these 512mb 3870 no sweat at max it gets about 61C, the 2 running crossfire like my x1950pros just aint happening, even w/ riva tuner... any suggestions always appreciated.
  6. I'm not really sure why you can run 1 card just fine, but have overheating issues with 2. I'm guessing they don't vent outside the case?

    Part of your issue may be that the Catalyst drivers are not spinning up the fan fast enough while gaming. My 3870x2 must have another app controling the fan or else I can overheat in a few games as well.

    I'm running the 3870x2 with a 25mhz oc on the GPU and a 50 mhz oc on the mem (using CCC) and I have to use RivaTuner to keep the fan around 50% when playing The Witcher @1920x1200 or I'll reach the upper 90's in temp and eventually lock up.
  7. I had a similar problem with them over heating in crossfire. That's in an Antec 900 with British spring time weather to help with the cooling :). No app I've used can keep both cards fans under control.

    Again when I just use one card it's fine and o/c's fine. My fix is to do a full high end water cooling setup on their a**e's. BTW any after market cooler that fit the 2900 series fits the 38** series. Also 2 3870's CF'ed are slightly better than the 3870X2 in most benchmarking progs.
  8. The only problem I've had with my rig is lock ups when both of the 3870's didn't have the same gpu and mem speed settings. My cards run nice and cool, 41-61 temp.They are the Powercolor PCS versions with the onboard heatsinks and fans. My 3D Mark 06 scores are around 14,850 with the cards factory o'ced 800/1770.
  9. well I will tell you what I did, I RMA'ed them and have the 3870x2 installed, problem solved!
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