whats a good mid-range cpu cooler??

im a kinda a noobie and going to build my first build over the summer. i need a good cpu cooler for a q6600 thats not over or under 92mm fan. not too big or small. probabley going to do little overclocking like going from a q6600 2.4 to 2.6. good cooling and doesnt have to be real silent but not loud.
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  1. The stock retail Intel fan can handle 3.0GHz unless your room temps are high.

    If you need better, I've used one of these and it was good for a fairly cheap price. I have an extra I may even use on my own system since no need to pull the mobo. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835186134
  2. I don't really have a suggestion for you (simply because there are so many decent ones out there) but the one thing i WILL recommend is getting one that doesn't use intels stock mounting mechanism. i've built 3 comps so far with the 775 socket, 2 with custom coolers, one with the stock. The stock one was horrible, you had to push down MAD HARD, so, the first time i didn't get it on all the way (i noticed by watching the temps go up), so i had to push it even harder for it to click in....and even then, it never made an audible clicking noise.....
    I use a zalman 9700, but you might look into a zalman 9500.
    it may be a little more than mide range though.
  3. HDT-S1283
  4. Id go with the Freezer that pauldh suggested...

    and i wouldnt classify the HDT-S1283 as mid range.
  5. Xigmatek S963, BTW, you should take it at least up to 3.0. Overclocking 8.3% is not even worth the effort, IMO (no matter how easy it really is), you really won't feel any difference.
  6. I would prolly go with the Arctic Freezer Pro 7 Also. Bang for the Buck, It's dead on nuts! Easy install. Quite, and good proformer.
  7. Xigmatek S963.
    I have an E6550 and I am running 3.2 glitch free. It's inexpensive and the fan that comes with is pretty good and mostly quiet. Also, mine vents directly to the rear 120mm Silverstone @ 2500rpm.
  8. Better than midrange cooling and lower than midrange price.
    Arctic Freezer Pro 7
  9. Ok, just saying.. the S1283 has better performance and if you're ordering from newegg is only $3 more. Just something to consider.
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