GA-(E)P35-D3SL - Anyone use 8800GTS with this?

Thinking about getting this video card (MSI 512M OC GeForce 8800GTS):

For this motherboard (GA-EP35-D3SL):

I've seen people say it won't fit because of the SB heatsink being right under the PCI-e x16 slot because the GPU is a double slotter. Then I've seen people claiming to be running this card on the GA-P35-D3SL, which looks to have the exact same distance to the SB heatsink. So what gives? Do I need to buy a single slotter GPU like 8800 GT, a different motherboard, or does anyone know that the double slot GTS will fit fine on this MB? Thanks.
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  1. I have same card, same motherboard. Fits no problem. Thing runs damn hot though if you get it adjust fan speed with NV control panel.
  2. Sweet thanks for answering so fast. I'll be sure to up the fan speed if I get it since I heard its around ~30% by default. This is the GTS I see people recommending most here, so I'm not sure if there's one that's better/runs cooler out of the box for the price.
  3. Ihave the same mb with the 8800gts. It is really long, meaning a hard drive in a slot just at the end of the card or right above/below makes for a very ight fit even to run cables through. Might leave those slots empty.
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