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how is the hard disk temperature registered ?

is there a senson on the hdd or is the mobo somehow able to sense it ? ( i ask this cuz atm i have 3 HDD ... a really old maxtor 200 GB a newer ( still old but not as old as the other one ) 250 GB Samsung and a few days old 500 GB WD ... i have the old 200 GB and the new 500 GB inside the case and in the Everest app i can see the temps for the 2 hdd inside the case ... i always kept the samsung out of the case cuz it vibrates slightly and inside the case it makes a horible ( bearly audible ) sound which i cant stand when i try to sleep ( computer is on 24/7 )

so im a bit confused as to how my oldest drive has a temp reading and the one bought more then a year after doesnt ( also the wierd coincidence that the only drives with temp reading are inside the case )

if ur curios its a Gigabyte GA790FXT mobo and a Raidmax Ninja black case ...
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  1. is the HDD that is outside of the case on eSATA or SATA ports on the mobo
  2. they are all on the SATA ports from the mobo ( no eSATA )
  3. S.M.A.R.T can read temps, get something that can get smart stats (which can also tell you some other interesting stats like life etc)

    oh and you have to have the hdd's connected via a proper native controller, smart supported and enabled (eg chipset)
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