Ideal Processor Upgrade for 8800

I am going to upgrade from my current Intel Pentium D 2.8GHz HT processor to something dual-core, maybe even quad. My max spending limit is $150. I don't necessarly want the best out there, but I don't want a large bottleneck on my 8800GT that I will be purcahsing later. My Mobo has a 775 Socket. What is the best bang/buck I can get?
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  1. I would get an E7200 new 45nm C2D...right now they go for about 140...probably cheaper this summer.
  2. anything woolfdale with a 6mb cache
  3. the title has no answer

    the idle process depends on the apps not gpu, the life of the pc, the budget all are more important.

    a overclocked 2180 will work fine for gaming at 3.2ghz
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