Budget build, need some advice.

I decided it's time to upgrade my computer. I am running a pretty old computer that includes a X2 4200, pc3200 ram and a 7900GS. It plays the games I want, but not on the settings they should be, so I decided to upgrade. Here is what I am thinking.

-Crucial Ballistix PC2-6400 4GB 2X2GB DDR2-800 CL4-4-4-12 240PIN Dual Channel Memory Kit

-Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 3.5IN 500GB SATA2 8.5MS 7200RPM 32MB Cache NCQ Hard Drive

-Coolermaster CM 690 Mid Tower Black ATX Case 5X5.25 5X3.5INT No PS Front USB Sound Firewire & eSATA

-PC Power & Cooling Silencer 750 Quad 750W ATX V2.2 EPS12V 24PIN SLI Active PFC Power Supply Black

-Samsung SH-S203B Black SATA DVD+RW 20X8X16 DVD-RW 20X6X16 DL 18X/12X INT DVD Writer OEM W/ Vista SW

-ASUS P5K-E/WIFI-AP ATX LGA775 P35 DDR2 1333FSB 2PCI-E16 3PCI 2PCI-E1 SATA2 Sound WLAN Motherboard

-Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro LGA775 2500RPM 45CFM

-Intel Core 2 Quad Q9450 Quad Core Processor LGA775 2.66GHZ Yorkfield 1333FSB 12MB OEM No HSF

I have store credit so the Case (which I have worked with before, great case) and Powersupply are going to be "free". The rest I can do for about $800. I have a budget and really don't want to go up to $900 before tax. The main thing I was wondering was should I go with this motherboard or do you suggest something else? I don't plan on going with SLI any time soon I also don't really need Wifi. So any suggestion on a different motherboard would be great. I am going to use my 7900GS and grab a 8800GT when they go on sale later this month.

Any other tips, suggestion or advice are welcome.
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  1. Thats a perfect setup there. The PSU might be a little overkill though.
  2. Looks good, but if you can get your hands on this CPU HSF (assuming your going to OC some):
    XIGMATEK HDT-S1283 120mm Rifle CPU Cooler - Retail

    It's better than the ACF7Pro. Review here:

    I'd also save some $ on the q9450 and just get the q9300 and use that extra $ on a better GPU (i.e. 8800gts/9800gtx/3870x2)
  3. ^ As he said.

    Also that PSU is quite overkill... look for the Corsair 550VX instead.
  4. He's gettin' the case/psu for free!
  5. Only a 8800GT with a 750W PSU? That is too big. 550W is enough, unless you are using 2x8800GT, and I am a Corsair, Tagan, and Silverstone fan. So go for one of those.

    About the cpu fan....do you intend to OC your system? if not or your aren not too hidh with the OC than Artic Freezer pro 7 (15 euro in germany) is enough, but if you are going a little higher that go for Zalman cnps 9700 Led (54 euro in Germany), or perhaps somewhere in the middle with.XIGMATEK HDT-S1283(35 euro in Germany). These babys are different in their prices but remember that there is one main thing...you get what you paid.
  6. What do you mean when you say "free". Is that different from free, any catches there? If you can get a bit more credit/save some money, go for the Corsair 550VX.
  7. i would definately go with the q9300, and with that extra money i would get a 9800 gtx. This looks like a great build other than that though.
  8. When I said "free" i meant with store credit I got from buying other things. However I will look into a less powerful PSU. Was looking to future proof a bit with it. I also don't think I will be Overclocking so I went with the Arctic.
  9. I'd go with the Corsair vx550w PSU over the PCP&C 750w PSU. The PCP&C PSU is nice, but is WAAAYYY overkill for your setup. I believe the Corsair will last you a long time with your proposed setup. The Corsair has 41A on the 12V rail, so it'll be more than enough for even upgrades later. It also has a 5 yr. warranty too! I'd take the price difference (~$100) and put that towards at least the 8800gts (g92)/3870x2).

    Links to parts mentioned on previous posts:
    Corsair VX 550W ATX Power Supply - CMPSU-550VX

    ARCTIC COOLING Freezer 7 Pro 92mm CPU Cooler - Retail
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