dual 9800GX2 vs. 3-way SLI 9800GTX

any sites done benchmarks with the graph things? are the drivers supporting 9800GX2 SLI out yet?
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  1. I think it would mostly depend on the game.

    But dual GX2 has 4-gpu as compared to the 3 in the Tri-SLi. And Tri-SLi doesn't seem to scale very well in the only game that needs more than 1 (or 2) GPU, Crysis.
  2. I think it does very well in Crysis according the amandtec review:


    The thing with the GTX is you can find factory OC cards like EVGA 770Mhz, the max on the GX2 is 700Mhz I think. So in games that don't scale well the GTX will be better.
  3. I think this 3-way technology is still new and, yet to make solid performances in games.
    In fact, I don't think any games have true support for 3 GPUs...
  4. 3 way Sli actually does worse in some games than 2 Way sli. I think you'll see benefits at higher resolutions.


    wat do you mean the max is 700 mHz for the 9800 GX2 I have it easily at 740, I don't want to push it higher because its a new card. :|
  5. I'd say dual GX2's seem to do better. PLUS you do not need a Tri-SLI compatible motherboard either which is a savings.
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