Can't start windows with Dualview, Works fine until I reboot!

Hi folks,

Just bought a new monitor and trying to set up dual view.

I have a 15" VGA monitor and a 22" DVI-D monitor both connected to my ASUS M2NPV-VM motherboard with on-board graphics (GeForce 6150).

I can only seem to use dualview if i plug my secondary monitor (15") AFTER windows has started up. If I reboot then all looks good on both screens until it gets past the windows logo when both screens go blank and stay blank.

This happens regardless of the setting in the Nvidia control panel - even if I choose to use only one display - if i reboot with both monitors connected then problem occurs again. I can only boot normally if i unplug one of the monitors.

Am using Vista btw but have got all the most up to date drivers - Forceware 169.25 and nForce 15.01.

Would very much appreciate any tips/solutions/advice as would really like to get this working properly.

Thanks a lot.
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  1. Thanks pavsid! I've got a GeForce 6600 with WinXP, and the DualView option would never show up on the NVIDIA control panel -- all I could get were the Span and Clone options. Your post gave me the idea of rebooting in various ways, and what do you know, the first time I pressed Restart with both monitors on, I got the DualView option, and everything is working now as I want it to! (I was thinking of restarting with the 2nd monitor off, but I don't think I tried that.) I had been using Hibernate mode to turn my computer off and on, and for some reason, after I connected the second monitor, I didn't think to actually restart until I read your post. Thanks a lot!
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