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Should it be possible to connect directly to my broadband internet from my Dell Inspiron 8500, fitted with wpc54g card via my wag54g-fr gateway/modem/router thing.

At the moment all I can do is share the internet connection from one of the other pcs on my home network (all connected with wires to the wag54g)

All the other pcs have direct connections that work,its just the laptop that's being a pain

I have a wag54g-fr allinone gateway/modem/router thing, and a wpc54g wireless adapter stuck in a dell inspiron 8500, which also has a Broadcom 440x 10/100 Integrated ethernet Controller.when I stick a lan cable in the broadcom socket (other end goes to wag54g) I can acces my broadband internet no problem.

if I unplug the lan cable and then try to connect (wirelessly) I get the message "connecting through wan miniport(PPPOE)" then after short pause

"error opening port, error 678: remote computer did not respond " yada yada yada. Seems to me that "windows xp sp1" goes directly to the ethernet adapter and no further, even if I uninstall the broadcom and firewire connections I get nowhere with the wireless card. my wireless network works fine (well mostly) but it seems stupid that I have to have another computer on so that I can surf the net on my laptop! Please help!!


What would happen if I only had the lappy and the modem /router thing? how would I connect then? with no connection to share?

Confused, Turbotoes
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  1. "What would happen if I only had the lappy and the modem /router thing? how would I connect then? with no connection to share?"

    I say give it a go to see if it works. I do know for certain that there are various branded routers that allow you to set up a wireless network without having to have a desktop PC connected directly to the router. The Gateway-branded routers, for instance, allow you to do this. And it's just the modem connected directly to the WAN port. That's it...you'd have wireless connectivity.

    On the other hand, I'm not so sure about the gateway/modem/router combo equipment. I'll be sure to test this at work tomorrow.

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