My next gaming computer

Alright guys heres what I got so far




Antec 900

This is where I'm debating on what to get for the PSU, and RAM. Gonna be running Vista 64bit

Any help would be appreciated
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  1. Cosrsair 550VX: $58

    RAM: 2 x 2GB DDR2 800 Crucial Ballastix : 2 x $29
  2. What is your budget? I'd probably go with the 8800gts (g92) or the 9800gtx GPU over the 8800gtx, IMO. The 8800gtx runs pretty hot and consumes alot of power over the previous newer versions that I've listed. I'd also get a different mobo, since I've been reading alot of issues that are coming from nVidia based mobo's. I'd probably go with a solid p35 based mobo and use the extra $ (about $100) and put it towards the good PSU (Corsair vx550w/Antec NeoHE 550w/PCP&C 610w) and the best GPU you can afford.
  3. I own 8 gigs of this stuff and its great.

    PC Power is my favorite PSU. The 750Quad is a great PSU, single 12v rail, rock solid.

    I'm not sure but I do think the 780i Chipset doesn't like the 45nm, they may have fixed that with a bios update. I know 780i is great with the 65nm. If your set on the Processor you might want to look at either a Intel chipset or the new 790i which is supposed to be really fast. I'm not sure if it supports ddr2 though.
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