X-Fi Xtremegamer Fatal1ty vs Prelude 7.1

I know prelude has some higher quality components but is it that big of a difference? Is the difference worth $50. I've heard good things about the Prelude but to me its just a bit expensive. If the difference isn't that big, i rather save $50 and get the Xtremegamer Fatal1ty. Anyone got some advice for me?
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  1. Which motherboard have you got i had the fatality but had to get rid of it when i got a 2nd graphics card and i can't tell the difference with onboard sound ?
  2. ..and creatives drivers suck...
  3. I heard the ASUS Xonar cards are really top notch.
    I own an X-fi platinum card, and I really like it. I think you'll be good with either one.
  4. I have Asus P5K with just one 8800 GT OC on it. If auzentech Prelude doesn't make that much of a difference i rather by x fi platinum for the front panel, after all, I need 3 jacks for the speakers and one for my headset so 4 jacks is just enough. Any other thoughts?
  5. I love the Fatal1ty X-FI, especially for gaming, but I do a lot of music with it, and I like that it is easy to switch modes.

    I run XP, and I updated my drivers about 2 months ago after running the card for 2 years now.

    I got the Fatal1ty version, because it comes with X-RAM which gives it a performance boost for gaming - but I haven't been able to confirm this.

    The Fatal1ty Champion version (the one I got) comes with the front panel, which is great but I wish it amplified the output so I would really crank up the headphones!!

    Now read somewhere that there is going to be a new Fatal1ty X-FI for PCI-E later this year, and it will get a new front panel with amplified sound, so I am looking forward to up-grading to that one.

    I did install a Auzentech X-Fi card in a friends machine with Vista, and it worked well, but I thought it was missing some of the little software features of the Creative X-FI, and I thought the default bass responce was a little better for the Fatal1ty X-FI then the Auzentech.

  6. I will go with skittle the drivers do suck lol :)
  7. The drivers work just fine, everything is stable and it all works... what else would you want?
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