Thanks to All! Completed Build.

At the age of 62, I finally completed my first build - successfully on the first try! Thanks to all here in the forums for ideas and help.
Antec P182/Gigabyte DS3P/PC Power S610/HIS 3870 512mb/4gb Crucial DDR2 800/2 of Sammy Spinpoint T 320's/Sammy Sata DVD SH-203B/Xigmatek S1283 cpu cooler with bolt thru kit/New XP SP2 disk, + odds and ends. Speedfan shows: Temp 1=39/temp 2=26/temp 3=-2 HD 0 = 28 HD1+25, so I believe that's all good enough. Can someone explain the different Speedfan temps? Great machine! Now I have to learn how to play games!
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  1. We demand a recount. Correction, picture. Repeat, recount. :D


    Take a screenshot of Speedfan. Google irfanview. Host it at

    I suggest you google "core temp". It is a bit more accurate by default.
  2. What type of game might you be interested in? For Flight simulators I would recommend Flight Simulator 2004. For Racing Sim's I would recommend either GTR2 or Race 07. Nascar Racing 2003 season is much better but no longer available. Do NOT buy Nascar Sim racing if you like racing games, it's a sore dissapointment. For first person shooters I would definately recommend either FEAR or any of the Half Life installments. For War like first person shooters, there are new ones out there like Call of Duty 4 and what not, but Delta Force is a nice installment of first person shooters.

    I can't help in the role playing or strategy arena, I don't mess with em because they (to me) are complicated compared to the above mentioned games.
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