i need a good mouse pad cause my G5 is getting scratched up on my desk - what do u use?

the best answer is something i dont have to buy like a household item
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  1. i heard wax paper works wonders.
  2. ^ Never heard of wax paper as a pad but it could be worth a shot.
    I bought a steel pad for my G5 for $20... POS. My mouse is more responsive without it.
    It did, however, come with little feet to stick to the bottom of my G5, preventing scratches.
  3. Ive used a plain piece of notebook paper at work and it works great with my mouse I use on my laptop. I fold it in half and viola, super cheap disposable mouse pad...
  4. Everglide Titan - it's huge... no really, it's huge.
  5. Ditch the mousepad and use a data glove. w00t!
  6. I would go with a fUnc mousepad ( surface 1030 is what I have. Its two sided and has one side thats really smooth and one that is a little more textured. Since you say it got scratched up on your desk you should pick up some new mouse skates to go with the new pad, it will make it nice and smooth.
  7. ty everyone
  8. I recently found some oversized mouse pads. Seem to be well made, just over 1/8" thick, 2 sided materials, etc. The one I bought is about 13.5" X 17.5" Notched it for a verticle panel in the desk, put it all on a nice piece of 12" x 32" glass. The glass is great for eating and drinking off of, and all is readily cleanable. Just modify a large flat mouse pad to your needs. Forget where I got it, but it was through a google search.
  9. I'm with englandr. Both at work and at home I use a sheet of paper and blu-tack.
  10. Honestly ? A nice sheet of 100g or 120g A4 paper. Normal ones, not glossy or **** like that. I change my ultra expensive steelpad (for a freaking mouse pad) for a nice A4 paper.

    Good thing is, when it gets dirty or gets old, just trash it and put another !!!
  11. I'm using xtrac pads, Found at TigerDirect.

    Slim, good size (8½ x 11), good precision.
  12. I use this giant black mat that I purchased from IKEA. It works well for me and is pretty responsive. Not to mention the large area for say when flying an aircraft and need the extra area without lifting up your mouse.
  13. I'd think a sheet of paper with some type print (for contrast) would work fine with most optical mice. It's worked for me.
  14. thanks for the ideas
  15. lucuis said:
    i heard wax paper works wonders.

    I tried it a couple of times, using different methods of taping it down every time. It didn't work for me, mostly because my old wood desk is pitted in some areas.
    It's worth a shot.

    Also, try a polished marble or granite tile! They can be had for $5 at a hardware store and are far more beautiful then a regular mouse pad... and they'll never wear out. It does depend on what material your mouse feet are made out of.
  16. Yeah it's just what i read while trying to find a good solution for my Lachesis. The generic mouse pads i had flexed to much which made it impossible to double click at max dpi settings.

    I since bought a Steelseries Glass mouse pad. It's a thing of beauty :)
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