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Hey guys, i was just wondering if this will work. I was kinda hoping i could plug in my PS2 with my computer monitor, i have an 8800gt (which comes with an RCA connector). Is it possible to plug the playstation right into the monitor using this connection?

If not, what do i need?

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  1. use whats called a ps2 emulator.
    as long as you use your own ps2 bios you can play almost any game at any resolution (even 2180p) you need a badass CPU to run most games though. im using an e8400 and i get around 60-120 fps in most popular games.
  2. Since I don't have the card -- this is just a educated guess but the RCA on the card is usually a tv out. Not a tv in and thus will not work for what your trying. Does your monitor have multiple inputs? Most of the new LCD's have atleast 2 inputs and you can buy the right adapter to plug your ps2 into your lcd. ie. PS2 to DVI (something like that) then you just have to do something about sound....
  3. Meh, i tought it would be an easy plug in, good thing i didnt try it on my own eh? :)

    Il try the emulator, thanks.
  4. your video card's rca connector is most likely video out only. some of the older ati all-in-wonder cards used to feature video in as well as video out. you'll need a video capture card in order to watch/play another consumer electronics component on your pc.
  5. MayDay94 said:
    your video card's rca connector is most likely video out only. some of the older ati all-in-wonder cards used to feature video in as well as video out. you'll need a video capture card in order to watch/play another consumer electronics component on your pc.

    And even then, you need to get one that doesn't add any lag to getting the video on the screen. I can't remember what this is called, but if it doesn't have it, there will be a second or two of lag between button presses and you seeing it happen.

    Connecting directly to your monitor is probably best situation, if you have an extra input. Otherwise, check out the emulator.
  6. Hey guys i recently found one of these and it looks like it does what i want, and it does it good (no lag). How good is this thing? Does it work with both Pal and Ntsc? The problem is that i was going to use a freeloader to play both Pal and Ntsc games on my consoles (PS2 and Gamecube) and i was wondering how the gamebridge would handle this. I.E would it cap the fps to 60 or watever? Thanks.
  7. What you need is an upscan converter, like XRGB-2, or XGRB-3.
    The problem you are going to run into with any of these devices is the quality of the video output, or the delay introduced by upconverting signals. Some cheaper brands may offer the ability to "upscan", but will do so by introducing significant amount of latency. (Don't even think about being able to play Guitar Heroes, for instance).
    Here is a post on the AVS forums that mention the latency and upscanning.

    As a FYI, I personally own an XRGB-2, and have used it to play PS2 games on my Dell FPW2407 24" LCD. There are a few caveats, however - the XRGB is out of print, and it maxes out at 480i/p resolutions. I believe you will need to do some research and find out if there is something similar out there that can go 1080p resolutions and above.

    Be cautious about something too cheap: It may have poor video quality, or significant lag.
    Using an emulator is an option, but it may not be fully compatible with all of your games. Good luck in your search.
  8. What is wrong with the part i suggested?
  9. thegatekeeper said:
    What is wrong with the part i suggested?

    It doesn't say what resolution it does, so I have a feeling it is SDTV resolution. Which will not look very good on a PC monitor. Also, it is very cheap, so I would question the quality and how well it handles lag. Even a half a second of lag and you will notice it a lot.
  10. Benefits
    Connect video game consoles to your PC or notebook

    * Play video game consoles on your computer in real time; maximize your gaming environment and save space
    * Record game play and share your best moves and high scores with others
    * Enhance the graphics quality of your video console games

    Convert home videos (VHS, Hi8) to DVD

    Watch and record TV shows

    * For little investment, you can convert your computer to a full-screen TV

    Key Differentiators
    The only device that gives you complete gaming control through your computer, plus allows you to watch and record live TV

    * Improves the graphics of your games up to 1024 x 768 resolution in 32-bit color.
    * Small lightweight device the size of a credit card
    * Compatible with PS® 2, Xbox® , Xbox 360™ and GameCube®
    * World's smallest TV tuner
    * Powered by USB 2.0 bus port
    * Capture video format in MPEG-1 and MPEG-2
    * One device that connects video game consoles to a PC, converts home videos to DVD and enables watching & recording TV shows

    System Environment
    PCs or notebooks
    External Connectors
    1 external USB 2.0 connector

    1 external input for TV source (antenna, cable, or settop box)

    1 external audio/video connector
    Data Transfer Rate
    USB 2.0 speed up to 480Mb/s
    System Requirements

    * Intel® Pentium 4 @ 1.3GHz or Celeron® and AMD® Athlon equivalent
    * Microsoft® Windows 2000 SP4 or XP SP2
    * 256MB of RAM (512 recommended)
    * 250MB of available hard disk space for applications (additional hard drive space required for captured video)
    * DirectX 9 compatible graphic accelerator and sound card
    * Available USB 2.0 port on PC or notebook
    * CD-R/W or DVD-R/W drive

    Package Contents

    * Adaptec GameBridge AVC-1410
    * USB 2.0 cable
    * 4-in-1 audio/video cable
    * RF coax cable
    * Remote Control
    * Quick Start Guide
    * Carrying bag
    * CD-ROM with:
    -- Driver
    -- Application software
    -- User's manual

    1-year warranty

    Operating Temperature

    32° to 104° F

    Power Consumption

    USB powered 5V

    Unit Dimension

    2.62"(L) x 1.7"(W) x 0.75"(H)

    Product Specifications

    * External USB 2.0 compliant device
    * Full 10-Bit video ADCs and data path
    * 5-line adaptive comb filter
    * Macrovision 1.0 detection compliant
    * 16 bit audio ADC resolution sampling at 48KHz
    * MPEG-1 & 2 software compression
    * Integrated TV Tuner
    -- NTSC standard (U.S. version)
    -- Supports closed caption and program guides
    * Two Bi-Color LED indicators for Power, USB , IR, tuner activity
    * IR receiver provides remote control function
  11. Well, it is cheap, so give it a shot. I just wouldn't get my hopes up, is all I am saying. If it works, though, sweet!
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