Delay Write Failure PLEASE HELP

A few days ago windows stopped recognizing an external hard drive that I had on my computer. We switched out the cable and restarted the computer a few times and it started working again. Today, after taking the computer out of standby, we got the Delay Write Failure message and the hard drive was empty (it originally contained thousands of pictures) is there anyway I can get these files back?
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  1. Use recovery methods, and do not turn write buffering on that external drive, it is dangerous. Disconnect the device on the wrong moment, and you can experience data loss.

    For now try to recover your data by using NTFS recovery utilities (like Active@ data recovery). Do not, in any case, format your drive or change its partitions, etc.
  2. I restarted computer and files were back, I burned them to DVDs and am going to do some exploring with the external hard drive.
  3. reminder to everyone: BACK YOUR DATA UP

    never trust one single storage location for your data, and if its super important - offsite backup too
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