Help me decide on a i7 heatsink!

Their is an overwhelming lack of info on 1366 socket CPU heatsinks. The only thing stopping me from buying the parts to build my new computer is the lack of heatsinks on the market. I would really like to overclock my i7 920 to 4.0Ghz, but have know idea what CPU cooler to get. I rather not lap the cooler. Any suggestions. Please keep the price under $80.
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  1. NH-U12P, $75

    Out of stock for now. You can get it from for $115 with two fans, if you want.

  2. get the cooler master V8.
  3. BTW, all the coolers mentioned so far are enormous. I hope you're getting a large case...
  4. I have the TRUE on an i7 920, and was able to get to 3.8 (19*200) with temps under 70c stable. I couldnt get 4ghz tho, temps were around 72-76 and I just found it to warm for my tastes, but others will tell you that is normal. In any event I think it is one of the best air cooling solutions for the 1366.
  5. aevm, case size is not a problem. I got a Cosmos S case and am prepared to take off the side fan :D
  6. I got the cooler master V8, heard good things about it. Many people have overclocked their i7 to 4.0 Ghz on it. Hopefully it is good!
  7. Yes it's very good. The NH-U12P and the TRUE get a little better temps and noise levels in reviews, but nothing you'd notice in real life IMO.
  8. Really, the NH-U12P is a better cooler? I got the opposite impression. Will the i7 920 overclock to 4 GHz with the V8? Ah, buyers remorse kicks in.
  9. This review shows the TRUE beating the CoolerMaster V8 on both temps and noise. For example TRUE gets 14.9 degrees difference between CPU and room, with 29.7 dBA, while the V8 gets 22.5 degrees difference using the same Nexus fan, with 29.8 dBA. That is, the TRUE keeps the CPU 8 degrees cooler.

    This review shows the NH-U12P matching the TRUE in most benchmarks, and beating it in some.

    Still, I don't think you need to worry. These 3 coolers are all exceptional performers. You'll be pleased with the V8, I'm sure.
  10. Well, still, I wonder how good the V8 will be for overclocking. Has anyone gotten 4 ghz with 24/7 stability? I don't want to kill this chip.....
  11. I7's run hot, I've just installed mine and my TRUE ran fine at 4.0 but temps jumped to the 90s, which aparently is useable with these chips, but I just can't do it, I'm too used to Q6XXX temps(low 60's ect...)

    I ran multiple passes in 3dmark and it was completely stable ran around 50 idle mid 70's running 3dmark but prime 95 would push it to well 95C.

    I've got the bolt through kit on my TRUE so it's definitely seated properly, I think these things just run hot.

    The V8 will probably do, but I wouldn't expect to run 4GHZ 24/7, but you should be able to benchmark with 4ghz and run it at 3.6-3.8 24/7 easily.
  12. Yea, that's what I am thinking. I doubt their will be much of a difference between 3.8 ghz and 4.0 ghz in real life anyway.
  13. Agreed. In real life the HDD is often a bottleneck and you'd end up with a stock CPU and an overclocked CPU finishing the same job in the same time. I see that with my Q6600 when compressing DVDs for example - it's not reaching 100% usage. I'm not even overclocking the poor thing any more :)
  14. Hey guys. I am in the process of building an i7 920 system. I just ordered the TRUE.. I didn't realize until after I ordered that it didn't come with a fan.

    What is a good fan for it?
  15. The one I've seen used in reviews most often is Scythe S-Flex SFF21F:
  16. I just bought the V8 from coolermaster yesterday. I hate it. But its the best i could find in the meantime.

    I miss my Zalman 9700. Now that was a beauty.
  17. Why do you hate it? I installed it, but have not overclocked with it yet.
  18. kuanaco said:
    I just bought the V8 from coolermaster yesterday. I hate it. But its the best i could find in the meantime.

    I miss my Zalman 9700. Now that was a beauty.

    Zalman released a 1366 conversion kit for the 9500/9700 series heatinks...

    Hope this helps you out..
  19. Prolimatech Megahalems should to be one of the best in the market right now.

    You can get it on ebay if it is sold out on the online stores.
  20. Agreed, one of the top right now. In fact the engineers who made it are from ThermalRight and went out on thier own. Good start.
  21. Rofl. Aftermarket heatsinks look similar to the stock? I don't think so. A budget hsf like the CCF or 1283 will easily outperform the stock. There's no way you'll hit 4.2 on a stock hsf, unless you lived in the arctic or something.
  22. Finding 1366 heatsinks is not a problem. They have been available since October of last year. One of the best ways to find reviews and articles about them is to use the embedded search feature at Here is a link to the search results:
  23. I have 2 of my I7 920 (D stepping) running at 4.0G with the TRUE heatsink on them. The max temps I see are 71C under small fft's in prime 95. These systems are rock stable and have been running running Seti 24/7 for the last 2 weeks with no issues so I know it can be done.
  24. my v8 goes to 4ghz but the temps are at ~80c i blame my crappy ambient temps. should get a better case.
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