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Hello all, I've got a bit of a quandary. I'm looking to upgrade my system a bit and I'm working with a budget of about $230. Right now I'm stuck between a new motherboard (Gigabyte AM2+) a Black Edition 5000 X2 with new memory, or an 8800GTS 512. I know that the GTS will be limited by my current 4200 X2, and of course, the new MB and CPU won't give me much of a gaming boost with my 1800XT. Really then, which would you guys choose if there was only the money for one?
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  1. The gts. I just did a GT with a opty 170 and it is great.
  2. Video card would be much better upgrade for games.
  3. I agree, the GTS 512 would be the better upgrade for games. But that depends on what you want. The 5000+ X2 BE would be a good upgrade as well. Comes down to what you really need.
  4. It's really an all purpose machine, but I do a good bit of gaming. I'll eventually upgrade everything, of course, but I thought I'd get some input. Thanks for all the responses so far.
  5. I would recommend the GTS for your upgrade. If your going to spend the money on a new motherboard, cpu and memory, at the risk of being called a fanboy, I would recommend going with an Intel system.
  6. Agreed that Intel has the faster product line, but I find it hard to argue with the Black Edition's price point, especially once it's overclocked.
  7. I would agree with that if the OP was just going to get the CPU and overclock it. He is also getting a new motherboard and memory, though. If your going to get and entirely new system I would recommend going with "the faster product line".
  8. i just upgraded from an amd s939 4000+ and 7950gt to an opty 180 ($140) and evga 8800gt ($175). they both made a huge difference. since you already have a dual core cpu, go with the video card upgrade. even with the single core, the 8800gt made a big difference for me.
  9. The AMD 4200X2 is nothing to sneeze at with a powerful gaming video card.

    I can tell your for certain that your video card will hold back your performance drastically even if you have the most powerful mobo/cpu.

    So definitely go with the video card upgrade first and you will get even greater performance later if you decide to upgrade the mobo/cpu without buying a new video card.
  10. Cool. Thanks everyone, especially the guys with the optys. I'ma get me a graphics card now.

    /here's hoping I run into some extra money for the rest of the system soon.
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