Two languages on one system? Possible?

My husband and I just bought a brand new computer. We set up two user accounts. We're both "administrators".
Problem is, he set up his account all in Spanish (Spain), everything is set up for Europe.

When I got on the computer to personalize my account, my account was like that too. When I do Google searches the browser searches in Europe!

Thing is... we live in the States. English is my language.

Soooooooooooooo.... is it possible to have two accounts with two different languages/settings? If possible, how do I change my account?

Or are we going to have to live with either ALL Spanish or ALL English?????

This is by far an emergency but it sure is annoying. I'd appreciate some insight.

Thanks in advance!!
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  1. Well, Honestly in Windows i dont think you can change the language like that. In linux it might, but i need to test it.
    My Advice ?

    Talk to a friend that understands a bit, and tell him about your problem. Tell him you want to dual boot. One OS for your Husband in spanish and another for ya in English. Its easy to do, quite fast to do aswell. You got your problem solved, and if one of your Windows just goes FUBAR (F*cked Up Beyond All Recognition) because of virus or just a bad update, you still have the other installation to salvage the data.

    Much more i cant explain without entering in too much tecnical terms. Hope i helped.

    Edit: Bah my english is getting worser everyday.
  2. If you are using XP open Control Panel and open Regional and Language Options. Click on the Language tab and work from there. You may have to load some language files from the Windows CD from there and activate the second language. Then, on the main task bar at the bottom of the Desktop, right click and there is a language bar to activate. You can switch between English and the language you have added. Not sure ths helps your situation, but this is how we use different languages for sending email and such.
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