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Hello there, my pc can start up, enter windows and function completely normal until it randomly shuts down. It started out not so often, mostly while playing demanding games etc, sometimes i could go on for 5 hours other time it would take 1 hour or less. It's not heat atleast, i've checked the temps and it always running below 50C. When the PC shuts down it goes black for a few seconds until it automaticly restarts til the second boots screen where i just freezes, at this time the power on/off button doesn't work which it does before the shutdown. So i have to either pull the plug or the power button behind the case. After i do so the PC doesnt respond so i can't turn in back on. Here's the weird part, i just have to keep switching between two power cables, switch between on and off until it works, sometimes it takes 1 min other times i can take up to 5. Most of my PC is less than 4 months old

Windows XP professional
4gb RAM
400gb Western Digital Harddrive
8800GT 512 mb Graphic Card
Gigabyte GA-MA69GM-S2H Motherboard
Tagan 500W Power Supply

The thing is that exams are comming up and i don't have a PC so im screwed if i dont get it working.
I then tried to reinstall Windows today, but now when i start the installation the pc shuts down after only a few minuts, so now i can't install windows or anything.

Appreciate any help PS. sorry for the wall of text

Thanks - Nytz
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  1. Hey nytz, sorry for the late reply. It's clear that there's a problem with either your wall socket, your PC's power supply, or even the power cables you're using. I recommend you try plugging your computer into another socket, using a brand new power cable if that doesn't work, and replacing your power supply as a last resort. Good luck!
  2. One factor to check on, oddly, is patience. On occasion my machine will freeze (not just shut down) and I have to force a shut-down. But then it won't start just by pushing the front button. If I pull the plug from the wall or use the master power switch on the back, I can get it to re-start cleanly again, but ONLY if I leave it without power for a minute or more - maybe 2 or 3. I think what happens is that the BIOS routines get confused so that it locks itself in a loop. Even when the machine is "Off", the BIOS has a small routine running that watches the front panel push switch to turn back on when requested, but sometimes it appears that does not work. Then the BIOS seems to need a cold re-start. But apparently even when you turn off the power to the machine (plug or back switch), there's enough residual energy stored in capacitors etc. to last for a few minutes when all they are powering is a tiny loop in the BIOS.

    So, try the unplug and re-connect thing again, but wait a couple minutes at least.

    Oh, now I see the last part of your post, and it seems you did get it re-started but it keeps on shutting down. That does sound like a PSU failure. It's also possible it is a mobo failure. I just had to fix one of those last night. A machine suddenly became unstable with symptoms like a weak or failing power supply, but a PSU swap did not solve. Mobo replacement did fix it, and I see several capacitors in the mobo's power regulation area with bulgy tops.
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