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Yes I did it. I subscribed to UVERSE. I was told that I would enjoy all the current features of my current home router with the new service. After initial set up and many calls Uverse says in order for me to use home network and share out my printer as well as communicate between the 5 computers in my home that I will have to pay for set up. They don't say how much just call this number. Well...from what I am reading I might as well forget it. Is there anyone out there that can tell me step by step to either connect to the Uverse 2wire gate so I can use my home network again or explain how to connect my old Linksys gate to the new 2wire so that I an get my functionality back?
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  1. See if this helps you connect your Linksys to the new kit:
  2. I hope you got your issue fixed...
    I just had Uverse installed and my wireless printer will not show up on the network.. I called Uverse and they said they could see the router and the printer.. but I cant :fou: They then said they could remote in and fix it for $49.00
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