Seagate external hard drive not showing

well i just pulled the usb cord out and didnt properly disconnect it and now when i plug it back in i hear a seeking noise then it stops repeats 5-6 times then stops till i turn it off and then back on. it has a light that usually turns on when i connect the usb to the laptop but now nothing.

i tried restarting my laptop, i tried disk management and didn't find it, what can i do ?
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  1. Can you try the drive on another computer? Worst case scenario is that you cut the power while it was writing, and it could've caused a hard disk failure. But that's a rare rare thing: I've unplugged external hard drives before while they were writing, and nothing bad happened.
  2. 1: Change out the usb cable if no change in status go to #2

    2: Check to see if your USB port on your laptop is functioning properly by installing a different usb device... If it is then go to#3 if the port does not work the usb ports are blown on the laptop.

    3: Check and see if the drive functions in another system....
    If it does not work then the USB interface to the drive is blown.... common occurrence in usb devices.... especially in thumb drives / jump drives.

    This does not necessarily mean that your data is gone …. Just the interface the external drive uses to connect to the native hard drive interface. There are ways to access this data but they all involve opening up the external hard drive case which would probably violate your warranty.
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