dell e520 video x1300>8600gt no post, no nothing

I'm helping a friend upgrade his dell from the ati x1300 to a 8600gt. I'm sure the PSU supports it. WE switched it out, then he mentioned not changing drivers. We tried to start anyways. Dell screen came up. frozen then nothing. We got a long beep, pause, two short beeps, pause two more short beeps. tried the old card again and nothing. Both cards are getting power. Went back to the 8600gt, just in case, and got the beeps again, same ones.

Were stuck now.

Any help is great, please let me know if you have any ideas on what is happening.
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  1. You're switching from an ATI card to an Nvidia card without changing drivers ?

    Try reseating the card.
  2. Its DMA failure, might have to change motherboard. Look here, in phoenix beep codes. 1-2-2
  3. Change bck to original card reset cmos. Boot up delete drivers with driver cleaner.

    Shut down, put in new card, boot up, load drivers.
  4. I used 3 graphic cards in my Dell E510 which is 2 years before model with P4 630. I used X1300, 8500GT and the HD3870 both are work fine. What you need to do is see the display info at starting moment and Press the function key as the screen show and go inside the BIOS to save the new change of video card, I know the Dell BIOS is fool but they need you to do so. Whenever I added more memory or change display card, it required me to do so in order to boot into Windows. You boot the Windows in Safety mode and uninstall the ATI catalyst and reboot your windows.
  5. I changed the video setting in the bios, when I try to start into xp from the HDD it posts, flashes the window loading screen, the flashes the BSOD then restarts. Both flashes are very fast. When I boot to an xp cd it loads up the data from the cd but when it starts to load the widows from the cd it gives another bsod.
  6. Whats the specs of the PSU. Sounds liike power issues.
  7. Got it working again!!!!
    Apparently during the switch a raid was turned on in the bios somehow. With only one Hard Drive. We got that fixed out and work beautifully. This is right before we almost flashed the bios.
    Thanks for the help guy, I always turn here after google.

    By the way, the PSU is 305W. But I've read reviews of 8800gt being put in.
  8. 305watts look forward to crashing again real soon.
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