Huge problem installing windows 7 on HD

Hi, I'm building a PC atm and I'm stuck on installing an OS.

I'm using this HD ""

My problem is, whenever I try to install windows 7. It doesn't recognize my HD, thus showing nothing on the installer. I tried searching for it, but it doesn't show. Although it's not showing on the installer, whenever I check on bios, it shows the driver so I'm guessing my HD is good, but it has something to do with its format.

I tried to format it using the same installer and it says (windows can't format C, Please check if it's connected probably (which it is) and make sure your hd is not on read only .. thing and I don't know what it means.

Need help ASAP!

EDIT: When I bought my HD, there's no CD included in it.
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  1. Have you downloaded and run the drive manufacturers test tool?
  2. uhhhh..... no...

    what's that?
  3. Quote:
    EDIT: When I bought my HD, there's no CD included in it.

    Cause you bought an OEM HDD.

    Any ways, run this:
    Burn the ISO using DeepBurner or smiler software to a CD, boot off it and run the tests.

    Also are you trying to install to a RAID, USB (as in HDD is in a USB enclosure), or AHCI?
  4. I'm not going to install a raid.. and uh.. thanks btw, I already got it. I installed an xp then tried to install win7 and it worked..
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