Irregular temps with cooler master hyper tx2

Hello everyone. I just bought a cooler master hyper tx2 and I seem to be having a few problems with my CPU temps.

Idle: 60C (!!!)
Load: 80C (!!!!!!)

I'm on a stock Q6600. It's even 10C higher than it was on stock cooling on both idle and load (stock cooling temps were still pretty high). Can anyone help? The temps were the same with the pre-applied thermal compound and cooler master's thermal grease (it was the only thermal compound I could find).

P.S. I'm pretty much a noob when it comes to tinkering with computer parts. any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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  1. A cooler is meant to cool. It obviously isn't working how it was designed because I had the same cooler and it worked great. You should re-seat the cooler, remove the old thermal paste from the CPU and heat sink with 90% Isopropyl Alcohol. Apply a very small amount of a thermal paste like Arctice Silver 5 to the CPU.You should also check out Arctic Silver's website for proper application instructions. Make sure you get the annoying push pins seated in the motherboard securely or it will continue to give you undesirable results.
  2. Yeah, I was guessing it had something to do with the push pins. How do I know if it's really secure? I pulled on the pins and thely didn't seem to pop out anymore.

    Also, if the heatsink accidentally detaches from the cpu while attempting to attach the cooler will I have to do it over and re-apply the thermal compound?
  3. You want to make sure the pins are turned the opposite the arrows are pointed. I picked up my board with the cooler to show that it is connected, it may have not been the smartest thing to do but I already made sure it was solid before attempting that. You turn the pins the direction of the arrow to release it from the board and the opposite to secure it to the board. If it accidentally detaches, go ahead and re clean it and go for round 2. I had to do that several times with my new Xigmatek 1283 because it's so large and harder to handle compared to the smaller Hyper TX2. If you don't mind me asking, what system specs do you have?
  4. Here are my specs:

    mother board: MSI P35 Neo3
    cpu: Q6600 2.4 GHz
    gpu: 8800gt
    RAM: 4 GB
  5. Ok... now this is getting scary. I re-seated the hyper tx2, and when I checked the idle temps they were at 80C in the bios. It automatically shut down when it reached my desktop. I tried replacing it with the stock heatsink, but that also showed idle temps of 80C in coretemp.

    I'm afraid I might have broken something... Do the temps go that high with improperly placed heatsinks or should I start getting worried?
  6. If your inclined to do this, please remove the mobo and double check the pins on the underside of the mobo. They are tricky to get set right, thats gotta be the problem I hope. I'm prone to always remove the mobo to make sure for any HS installation. yea it's time consuming etc, but it's the only way to make sure.

    Did you clean the old paste off? How much of the new paste did you use?

    Umm and is the fan spinning?
  7. I cleaned off the old thermal paste and used a very small amount of new paste about the size of a grain of rice or two. I used the line method and didn't spread it myself as was stated in my motherboard's manual. And yeah, the fan is spinning.

    Is there any other reason for the temps to go that high aside from an improperly seated heatsink? 80CI idle seems like there's no heatsink attached to the cpu at all. Could I have damaged my cpu?

    EDIT: I forgot to mention. I tried putting back the stock heatsink after a few failed attempts at properly placing the hyper tx2. With the stock heatsink, the temps still stayed at 80C.
  8. well maybe the tx2 is just DOA like some other guys s1283... not enough fluid/gas in the heatpipes?
  9. That wouldn't make sense Venom because he is having the same issue with the stock cooler as well. It isn't isolated to the one cooler as of now. My Hyper TX2 and S1283 both work awesome. It seems like an improperly seated heat sink.

    Always make sure you remove your motherboard from the case whenever changing heat sinks. Also, make sure you properly clean both surfaces properly.

    When you get the board out of your case, try to attach the cpu to the heatsink without thermal paste just so you can practice placing it on correctly before you try it with actual paste. DO NOT RUN your CPU without THERMAL PASTE EVER!! So never ever do it...ever!

    Only use this for testing. When you feel confident you can place it on the
    motherboard securely, clean both surfaces again, then reapply the thermal paste and put everything back in the case. Let me know if this helps.
  10. no it would make sense, because the stock cooler is getting the same temps as the tx2! therefore the tx2 is not doing its job.
  11. It seems as though it was just improperly seated. One of the pins was apparently loose, and when I secured that one it went back to 60C idle 80C load. It's still a bit warm, but at least its not scary high anymore. There also seems to be some discrepancy in temps of my four cores. Two of them Idle at 60C, one at 55C, and the other one at 50C.

    Also, I seem to have another problem. Sometimes when I boot up the system, there is red text that appears that says that my previous attempt at overclocking failed even though I've never overclocked anything.

    I'll try taking out the motherboard, but I might have to get someone assist me with that since I've never done that before.

    Also, how much difference does the type of thermal paste have on the temps? I tried looking for some AC5 or MX-2, but the only thermal compound I could find was Cooler Master's silicone-based thermal grease, and that's the one I've been using so far.

    I also ran out of clean lint-free cloth, so no more attempts for today.
  12. just wash the cloth out :lol:
  13. I'll throw it in the wash tomorrow :D
  14. I also have a TX2 - It can be a real pain to mount. you need to double check that it is seated correctly. It may seem tight but one pin might not be fully in. Take it out again, twist the screws in the right direction. Put it back in, you should hear an audible click on each pin, lightly fiddle with the head of the pins and make sure they don;t move at all. Then get a torch and physically check that it is seated correctly.
    Good luck.
    My TX2 gives me 35C idle (35C system temp) with a 2180@3.4ghz@1.55v
  15. The temps with thermal paste won't vary greatly. I use Arctic Silver 5 and it's just fine. Venom, both coolers were not working properly, the stock cooler just just a heatsink secured by push pins. There is no magic tricks going on with the stock cooler. The TX2 was not working correctly because it obviously sounded like it wasn't seated properly.

    The TX2 is a decent cooler and you will appreciate it once you get it working. I had mine when my E6750 was clocked at 3.6Ghz but the temps got up to 71C. With my S1283, it might get to 64C with small FFT's on Orthos.
  16. I had someone assist me in taking out the motherboard, and one of the pins was indeed loose. We reseated it and now the temps are:

    Idle: 47C, 47C, 44C, 44C
    Load: 67C, 65C, 61C, 61C

    Seeing as this is now lower than the stock HSF and that I live in a pretty warm place, I think I'll stop fiddling with it now. Thanks everyone.
  17. Glad to see you got it sorted. It's a great heatsink for the size and price
  18. Good Job Gray, glad to see that you're happy now that everything is sorted out. It feels great to fix something that seems like it'll never get fixed. I agree with silkstone, it's a great cooler.
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