Windows on new pc with old hdd.

Hi i recently bought new CPU and a motherboard. I have an old Hp pavilion that i got 5 years ago. I will be using my old hdd from the Pavilion and i have Windows Vista pre-installed on it. How can i get my old windows to work on my new build. I have a recovery partition on that hdd. Should i make recovery discs and try to install windows from these or do i have to buy new windows?
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  1. You will need to purchase windows 7 , because the hp license is OEM and can't be used again.Sorry
  2. your welcome to try the recovery discs but it probably wont work without the HP motherboard in it. If you do not wish to purchase a new windows license I encourage you to download and install Fedora or Ubuntu Linux for free.
  3. ya thats what i expected :(( another 3 months of money collecting :/ oh well thanks guys im happy to try linux :D
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