Unable to re-install Window XP

I have a 5 year old eMachine. I hooked it up to my Samsung LCD TV. It worked fine. I attempted to adjust the display setting to be able to read the "small print" that pops up and got a "Mode Not Supported". I expected it to go back to normal but it didn't. As it is well over due, I used the eMachine disk to reformat and reinstall the OS. It will not let me pass the "name your computer" page. I am unable to access my BIOS. I still get the "Mode" message. I'm stumped and really need the PC to play games with my 3 1/2 year old grandson as well as a wish to use it as a DVR, if I can. Can anyone help me re-install XP?? Any ides why it won't let me pass that page?? I really need help.. PLEASE!!??!!
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  1. Are you getting an error on that stage? Is it freezing?
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