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I've just bilt a new pc built a new pc for my self and experimented with liquid cooling, but to me the temps just don't seem to be down to where i want them to be. I've got the swiftech $300 system with an added koolance 4870 waterblock added to it. under full load my cpu heats up to 70c, but my gpu stays around 50c under full load of 3dmark. I've woundered what might help me get my temps down more for my cpu. would adding faster fans to the case make it cool better, btw noise is not an issue here. I built my system to be a beast, yes i know i've only got the 920, but i cant justify spending $1,000+ for a cpu when i can spend $300 for cpu + $300 for cooling system = $600. I've not come to a program that bogs me down yet lol.

Back to my question, what might i do to improve temps for my system as listed below?

Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU 920 @ 2.67GHz (8 CPUs), ~3.8GHz
Memory: 8182MB RAM :bounce:
Hard Drive: 664 GB Total
Video Card: ATI Radeon HD 4870 1GB
Sound Card: SoundMAX HD Audio
Keyboard: Logitech Bluetooth
Operating System: Windows Vista™ Ultimate 64 bit
Motherboard: ASUS M2N-SLI Delux
Computer Case: Silverstone TJ09 Black
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  1. Post what the loop has in it, and a link to exact Swiftech kit you bought. Ambient room temps, fans, pics of how you set your rig up. Ohh and what monitoring proggy are you using for temps? Realtemp has a beta i7 one out, nice to see all core temps.
  2. i'll post a pic in a sec
  3. That's a pretty substantial overclock, but I would guess it's contact between the waterblock and the CPU surface, what thermal past are you using and have you reseated it more than once?
    I would re-seat it for a start, with a quality compound like Arctic Silver 5, or something like it. I think it's unlikely that the cooler is insufficient for that cooler.

    Also if you are capable of monitoring temps of the coolant itself see if it is picking up as much heat from the CPU as it should because if it's not that hints at a poor waterblock, or poor contact between the waterblock and the CPU.
  4. for my thermal past i'm using Arctic Alumina (Premium Ceramic Thermal Compound) due to it being no conductive if my cooling ever springs a leek. and about the re-seating it i will try it again, i've done this around... 5-8 times but what does 9 times hurt lol, i may not have all the screws tight enough or something. my GPU cools great so you maybe onto something with this idea, thx.

    going to power down and try it right now.
  5. Nice loop, it's not your reseat. That dual 120.2 sized rad is way to small. On other forums really experianced peeps say a 120.2 is not really enough for a well overclocked i7 and you have a GPU in there too. By experianced, I mean where world champion overclockers hang out.

    And.... you have how many fans on that rad????? ONE??????? Are you blowing case air into the rad or cooler air from outside the case?

    Time to move up to a bigger rad at a minimum or even two loops. Meaning 2 pumps, rads, reses. One for the CPU and a 120.1 or 2 for the GPU.
  6. sorry that pic is a week old, that was when i was still putting it together, i have 2 on there now, i figured the dual 120 was a bit small, but what if i put maybe 2 of these on it, would this help in any way u think?
  7. My rig has a Q9450, and SLI'd GTX-260's cooled with the swifty 350 pump, and GT block on the cpu. The vid cards are using Koolance full body blocks.

    My 2 internal 120 rads could not cope, so I added a third external rad, and moved fan sppeds to high on the rads. My cpu temps dropped 15C, my gpu's almost 10.

    With a 3.5 on the cpu, and the vids 12% OC, the load cpu is at 53C, and the gpu's hover in the upper 50's on Crysis Warhead.

    I am using 3/8" tubing and fittings, too. Not a lot of room in that 180 case of mine.

    You need at least one more rad to do the job.
  8. any thoughts on which one might be good, maybe another swiftech?
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