Hard disk drive not detected

Hi everyone

I have two previous builds with no conflicts and both of them were AMD builds. This is my third build and it is a Intel machine now I am having problems.

Below are the specs:
Motherboard: ASUS P5Q Pro
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E8400
RAM: 2 1gb Corsair DDR2 PC6400
HDD: 500gb Seagate
GPU: Powercolor 4870 Radeon

Initially on first boot I entered bios to set the boot order for CD-ROM before HDD. In the post message it says Hard Disk Drive not Detected. So I decided to try loading windows vista from DVD. I initially received a blue screen with Stop Error:0x0000007F. So I switched my Ram sticks with new ones. Now when I try to load windows it will say loading files and when done where it would go to a blue screen now it continues loading windows but will freeze with the blue windows background and a the cursor. Will not load past that. Any suggestions?
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  1. Are you saying that the HDD is still not detected in the BIOS? If so, I doubt that you'll get an OS installed. Can you give a little more information.....is the Seagate SATA or IDE? What is the PSU you're using?
  2. I had this problem from a seagate before. I was using it as a secondary drive initially so it wasn't really a huge problem, I just had to go to the seagate site and download some program that got it to recognize. I can't remember the program so I would suggest just going to the site and looking. maybe use another drive to boot then once it's fixed just do whatever you want with it.
  3. The hard drive is a SATA and in the bios it is set to run as IDE. The PSU is a Corsair Quad 750W. I have already switched out the hard drive with another brand new one however it was still a seagate.
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