Multi booting my laptop?

Now I wasnt sure where to post this, but my current OS is Vista so I put it here.
I want to multi boot windows 7, XP, Linux, and Mac OS, and I will remove vista.

Now my question. when I partition these and get em all set up, will i be able to look into another OS from another OS? For example, if I download a file in Linux, will I be able to view it in Windows 7? Is this possible in any way? I am just experimenting with different OS so if theres any way that I could do this that would be excellent.

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  1. skip XP and just put win7 and linux. remember you can only have 4 primary partitions on each hard disk but you can make one of them be an extendard partition which can have additional logical partitions. when booting multiple OSes the easiest thing to do would be to create a partition all the OSes can read like NTFS and store your data there. While linux can natively read windows' NTFS and Mac's HPFS you will need to download a special driver for windows to read EXT3/4
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