Windows XP fresh install freezes up at splash page

So i recently installed windows xp on my old computer so i have a back up. But since the installation finished it has not booted fully. It gets to the splash page and the bar moves then stays frozen. It will not boot in safe mode. Windows Repair on the disk doesn't fix it. So I am thinking that the disk is what is messed up and not installing all the files. Someone please help me.
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  1. Boot off the XP disc, into the repair console. At the command line, type:
    chkdsk /r <--this will scan the hard drive for errors, and try to fix any it finds
    fixboot <--this will repair your boot files
    fixmbr <--this will repair your master boot record
    sfc /scannow <--this will scan your system files, and repair any damaged ones

    Then try booting back into windows.
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