Windows setup could not configure windows to run on this computers hardware

I tried to install windows vista sp1 recovery discs from toshiba on a new hard drive seagate momentous 500g 7200rpm and got the "windows setup could not configure windows to run on your computer's hardware" after it applied final configuration and rebooted 3times.. this is on a toshiba L305 55968.. bios-1.80 2.00ghz processor dual core Cpu.. I've just been going through the installation wizard.. I tried hitting control+alt+delete to open task manager and high-lighting new task to install an update i downloaded, but it just continues with the final installation screen.. is there an easy fix?
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  1. Hmm if the recovery discs provided by toshiba refuse to work with the new equipment you installed then you would need to purchase a new windows license or you can install Fedora or Ubuntu Linux for free.
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