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My moms hard drives had windows go corrupt on her. Dell had 2 160gb HDs in what I think was a Raid 0 set up to make about a 300GB C drive. I figured I'd through them into my computer and see if I could get her info off for her. Hardware manager recognizes that they are plugged in and working with no errors, however they will not show up in my computer. I tried running Linux and it to would not recognize them or let me access the data on them.

Any ideas how I can get the info off these two HDs?
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  1. Not only are the drives corrupted but you are trying to use a RAID array that was created using a different RAID controller, good luck.

    Your only shot would be to install a new drive into your mothers computer and install windows on it. After that try attaching the drives and hope the controller recognizes the RAID 0 array.
  2. If you haven't mucked with the drives too much, and they aren't physically defective, much of the data should be recoverable. Suggest you try some data recovery tools ASAP...

  3. thank you for the replies. I am working on the sites you gave me now and hope I can get something figured out.

    Much appreciation.

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